Chickens to Go
  The Birds and the Bees for Your Flowers and Trees
Pennsylvania, USA

  1. Flexible Rental Terms
    Chickens to Go offers one month, three month, or six month rental agreements.
  2. Heritage Breed Hens
    We offer hens that lay white, pink, light brown, mahogany, and blue eggs. We can put your favorites on hold with a deposit.
  3. Coops to Match Your Style
    We have four coop styles available. Reserve your favorite today!
  4. Tell us what grows in your garden
    Each rental comes with a rooftop garden filled with your choice of either kitchen herbs or colorful flowering plants.
  5. Start Around Your Schedule
    We offer rentals from March through October of each year. There's no need to wait until Spring!
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Call us to let us know when you would like to visit with us and our flock and we will be sure to be there for you.

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