Chickens to Go
  The Birds and the Bees for Your Flowers and Trees
Pennsylvania, USA

Meet Our Hens
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    Easter Egger
    These gals are curious and fun to watch. They lay beautiful blue eggs about 3 times each week.
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    Buff Brahma
    This feather-footed heavy breed is docile and quiet. You can expect 3 eggs each week.
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    These gentle giants can be expected to lay 3-4 brown eggs every week.
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    Rhode Island Red
    These hearty gals are reliable producers of 3-4 brown eggs every week.
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    Red Ranger
    These chatty gals are easy going and fun to watch. They can lay up to 4 large brown eggs a week.
Just Hatched - Available Soon!
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    Black Australorp
    This quiet, docile breed can be expected to lay 4 brown eggs per week.
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    White Cochin
    These feather-footed beauties are docile and friendly. They will lay about two brown eggs a week.
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    Barred Rock
    These docile hens will lay about 5 brown eggs for your table every week.
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    Cuckoo Marans
    These active hens are prized for their dark, chocolate brown eggs. Expect 3 - 4 eggs weekly.
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    Silver Laced Wyandotte
    These remarkable gals are generally docile layers of 3 - 4 brown eggs a week.
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    White Crested Black Polish
    These entertaining gals are extremely docile. They lay 3 - 4 white eggs each week