Chickens to Go
  The Birds and the Bees for Your Flowers and Trees
Pennsylvania, USA

Special Deals and Discounts
  1. Fair and Festival Special
    Fair and Festival Special
    Purchase any rental package at our table during a fair or festival and receive one additional month added to your contract for free!
  2. Forever Fowl
    Forever Fowl
    If you decide that you want to own your chickens after the completion of a six month rental period, the hens, coop, and garden will be yours to keep at no additional charge. You will receive your entire security deposit back when the final sale contract is signed and returned.
  3. Summer School Special
    Summer School Special
    Week long rentals are available for summer programs for children. Rent a standard, non-garden coop and two hens for your summer program for only $50 per week. Summer school rentals include an age appropriate, interactive introduction to chickens and basic care taught by a professional, experienced educator.
  1. Host a Hen Party!
    Do you have friends that are interested in Backyard Chickens? Host a Hen Party for the opportunity to earn A Free Rental one month rental.. Come ready to learn about Backyard Chicken Keeping and to have some fun with your friends.! Call 817-522-6793 for more details and to schedule your Hen Party today!
  2. Incubator Rentals
    Incubator Rentals
    We have a small number of digital, fully automatic 9-12 egg incubators available for rent in the Apollo, PA and Murrysville, PA local areas. The cost is $30 for a 30 day rental period. Call 817-522-6793 to reserve your incubator for arrange for pick up..